Privacy Policy
Aarhus University is responsible for conducting research, and providing research-based education and research-based consultancy services to public sector authorities at the highest international level, disseminating knowledge of scientific methods and results, and exchanging knowledge and competences with society at large. In connection with this task, the university has a strong focus on data protection, data security and confidentiality. In the university’s privacy policy, you can read more about how we process personal data when we undertake this task.

1. Legal information and contact details
2. Aarhus University as data controller
3. Aarhus University as data processor
4. Processing and categories of personal data and use
5. Processing and use of sensitive personal data
6. Recipients of your information – external third parties
7. Social media
8. Security
9. Erasure of personal data
10. Your rights
11. Duty of disclosure
12. Right of access
13. Data Protection Officer (DPO)
14. Appeals to the Danish Data Protection Agency
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